The best coarse fishing in Europe

July 27th, 2009

Holland is consistently the best coarse fishing location in Europe. Vast natural shoals of Bream, Roach, Hybrids, Tench, Carp and Rudd to name but a few. The fishing here provides easy access to a huge choice of waters. Most lakes, canals and rivers in Holland carry a bit of colour and fish feed close, that is perhaps one prime reason the fishing is top class.

You can fish waters that suite pole, feeder and waggler tactics. Theres a huge choice of rivers, canals and stillwaters that have excellent access. All are close to ports of arrival. Excellent value accommodations from Self Catering to B&B on offer.

April to October is the season. April in particular offers great value package deals with Anglers World.

A special DVD with Bob Nudd fishing in Holland is available.

Want to Catch Hybrids?

July 27th, 2009

The Lower Bann is number one for roach/bream hybrids, we have had them to 5 pounds in matches and over 6 pounds pleasure fishing. Baz Smith landed over 30 in a session a few years ago. The Dromore System near Cootehill is good too and C J Fay at Cabragh Hoise knows the spots. Fish worm and corn cocktails of corn tipped with two red maggots. A long tail as they like to take on the drop in the last few feet of the swim

Fishing in Ireland with Mick Gee

July 27th, 2009

Mick has been fishing in Ireland for over forty years. He knows the Lakeland Region better than any person around. Quality bream are showing in numbers this summer with lakes and rivers having a bit more colour, one prime reason why in the past bream headed out and deep during daylight hours! Its good to see 4 to 8 pound slabs again. Mind you the roach and hybrid fishing has been exceptional these past few years with 50 to 140 pounds of silver fish in a session. I have seen roach/bream hybrids topping the five pound mark. Anglers prepared to change from standard feeder tactics to a light groundbait mix, size 14 hooks with maggot or corn on the pole or waggler will enjoy brilliant action for quality silverfish. OK if there’s a bit of colour, it’s a dull warm day or a facing breeze then by all means target the bream.